Meet The Team

Let's put faces the to names...

Our team is an odd bunch, however when combined creates a one stop shop for all things marketing, copywriting and graphic design.

Sam Collas

With a background in journalism, Sam transitioned into copywriting due to high market demand. She specialises in SEO friendly blog articles and website content for e-commerce and service based businesses.

Digital Marketing

James Collas

James is an experienced marketing manager for large scale service based businesses.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hugh Gielingh

Hugh specialises in Facebook & Google advertising for service-based and e-commerce businesses. He can help his clients scale their audience, convert website visitors, and even advertise on platforms such as TikTok, Youtube & Snapchat.

Graphic Designer

Vinny Viana

Vinny is our resident adobe suite wizard specialising in content creation for Facebook & Google ads along with eye-catching website graphics.